Multi Unit & Dual Occupancy Developments

Land in Melbourne’s inner suburbs is in demand and very expensive. Why not satisfy the demand by building one or more additional dwellings. This can be achieved without compromising the integrity of your existing home or you can consider demolishing and building several townhouses or apartments. ARCH design specialises in multi-unit and dual occupancy developments that meet the inner suburbs restrictive town planning requirements. We take pride in aesthetically pleasing designs in well established sought after areas. Our architectural designs are assured to be in line with the character of your current home and existing streetscape, complementing the area and creating a sound marketable investment.

ARCH design has extensive experience in helping developers & property owners maximise your lands potential. Accommodating for irregular, sloping and tight blocks is a design challenge we enjoy. With a 100% success rate in obtaining planning permits, through our professional design skills and town planning requirements. We understand the regulations, identify and avoid pitfalls associated with common town planning, building and authority regulations.

The ARCH team design functional and saleable dwellings which optimise your valuable investment. We can provide building, landscaping and interior design guidance to suit the apartment and townhouse market needs. We understand what a purchaser of a unit requires, offering designs that are functionally practical for smaller areas while providing the illusion of space. Over 25 years experience with inner city municipalities and research of real-estate market needs, we understand what will sell and sought after by potential buyers. Designs are suited to the market for the specific demographic, identifying the quantity and size of bedrooms, floor plan, living spaces, car spaces and aesthetics.

All multi dwelling projects require town planning permits, this process can be complex and lengthy often to be refused and extended due to the need to appeal via VCAT. With this in mind you need to choose the right Building Designer or Architect to streamline and expedite this process. This is where ARCH design excels; we are often approached after clients have failed with the previous Architectural Designer. We have many happy clients who had almost given up on their dream or investment plans, being able to finally be rewarded with exciting design alternatives that meet the Victorian Planning Provisions, local planning laws, National Construction Code regulations as well as your specific design and building needs. The result is an investment which provides a strong return!

We have sound working relationships with many inner-city councils including but not limited to Booroondara, Stonnington, Port Phillip, Glen Eira, Bayside, Monash and Whitehorse councils. The smile on clients faces when their architectural plans are approved and town planning permits received makes the extra effort all worthwhile. Read some our testimonials or Google reviews to hear what our clients say.