Project Management

Further to our Architectural Design skills, we are registered builders and can work with you on your project from start to finish or anywhere in-between.

Responsible for the design stage and conceptual drawings, to producing detailed working drawings and architectural plans, provides us with the unique position of understanding your building needs best. Our Project Management service can be employed in either a consultancy capacity or complete responsibility to build or appoint a recognised reliable builder. Our building and Architectural design knowledge ensures that your Builder remains on track and creates the home you envisaged and worked so closely with us to design. ARCH design can also provide interior design consultation and assistance in furnishing your new home, with access to an array of quality local and international furniture suppliers. We only use trusted Tradesman and Cabinet makers to ensure your dream design becomes a reality and not a nightmare, keeping costs in check and working within budget.

Make an appointment with us to view some of our most recent works or refer to our gallery to observe our work.

The choice is yours, we can undertake solely your Building design needs or assist you with:

Periodically as a Building Consultant

Project Manage your construction stage, working with your choice or a jointly appointed builder.

Interior Design assistance or project management.